I used to play in a band

By: Joe Reinhart | Published on: October 31, 2012

called Algernon Cadwallader. Although the band has been laid to rest, I still get a decent amount of emails/Facebook messages about the guitar sounds (live and on record). “The sound” im thinking of would be referring to anything post 2nd guitarist (i.e. “Fun” and “Parrot Flies”). But enough about me, let’s talk guitar.


The little know G&L Guitars get their initials from  George Fullerton and Leo Fender. Leo Fender youknow as the guy who isn’t Les Paul. 2 companies and 20 years later Leo thought he could make a better version of his own “Telecaster” and he did. Referring to them as “The best instruments I have ever made.” I own 2 of the ASAT Classics, the most noticeable differences between them and the original Fender Teles are the larger (Gibson style) frets and the pickups that use magnetic Field Design pickups as opposed to, the standard Alinco.  These pickups have individual magnets for each string, that are adjustable! Producing a very even sound that is great for finger picking. Sonically, they have a power and an airy clarity that some of my tight pants wearing peers would refer to as “Twinkle”.  Recently the masses caught into these instruments so G&L released a Legacy series at a cheaper price. I doubt they were part of Leo’s vision and have yet to play one that wouldn’t have made a better surfboard. Now I’m getting preachy. Sorry, let’s move on. Live I use two amps. That originally grew out of an insecurity I had about being the only guitarist and Peter complaining that he couldn’t hear me in little basements or a big empty room.


The Twin reverb is obviously a classic clean loud amp. Now Enter the Vox AC30 Custom Classic, that I feel, is responsible for the majority of the AC guitar tone. I used it once and immediately went out and bought it with money I didn’t  have.  No need to describe it because it is the only amp used on “Parrot Flies”. It’s Little brother the AC15 was used the the “Fun” ep.  The recording signal chain probably looked something like this: One frustrated guitarist playing a G&L ASAT Classic direct into the AC30 with speaker output disconnected and replaced with a Emperor 2 *12 cab, recorded with a Royer 121, a Shure SM57, and U87(somewhere in the room), powered by an API  3124, sent into a Sound Workshop 1280b where the signals were eq’d and bussed to one channel and sent to be lightly kissed by a Distressor  EL8 before smashing onto 2″ tape. Live the signal chain might look something like this: 2 G&L ASAT classics in different tunings into a stupid Boss tuner, a Rat, an Ibenez true bypass modded 808 Tubescreamer, into a Lehle P-Split between a mid 70s Twin Reverb and a Vox AC30.


Big thanks to Peter, Tank, and anyone who approached me after a show with kind or inspiring words about my spastic often insecure guitar playing. We are all on the never ending quest for perfect tone. How many times I’ve scene a band and thought holy shit that is the best sounding amp I have ever heard while the guy playing is probably like god I hate this fucking thing.  I recently decided that if I stop worrying about gear, I can work less and play the guitar more. Although as a studio owner this tends to be fairly difficult.