Roofdoctor album cover

New Releases!

By: Kyle Pulley | Published on: March 14, 2014

It feels like forever since I’ve typed into this grey box, but it’s because I’ve been working furiously the past year on so many things and now they are finally about to come out!!! In chronological order we have….

ROOF DOCTOR – who put a single up a little while ago for their forthcoming LP “Mobile Freedom Home”, that you can check out HERE¬†entitled “Dad”, in which the singer delves into the psyche of his late father. These guys were a blast to work with, and it was a fun record because we did so much writing and collaborating in the studio. The release show is March 29 at Philamoca

PILL FRIENDS – we did a really quick 4 song LP where we attempted to combine their lo-fi aesthetic with the clarity and control of a studio, Check out the advanced single “Promethizine” HERE. They’ll be releasing their record on 4/20 with a release show, and digitally April 1 on Bird Tapes, which their singer Ryan is apparently preparing for by carrying a dead cat he named “homie” around wherever he goes according to his facebook. I wish I was making that up.

ELEGANT ANIMALS – An amazing Electro-RnB group who were a privelege to work with. It was so much fun to work on such a unique take on a genre I usually don’t get to work with. Keep your ears out for the single! Their record drops April 8.

KITE PARTY – This record was really amazing to work on. I love those dudes, and it was amazing to get to work on their 2nd lp ( doing two of a bands LP was a first for me) and for this one, I got to co-produce it with my main bro Joe. The record comes out on Animal Style Records May 6 with a tour to follow. A single will be released soon!

And Finally, I was lucky enough to make my first commissioned composition for a project I collaborated with a public radio producer Yowei Shaw (who’s had stories on This American Life, Studio 360, NPR) called Really Good Elevator Music, where we made music for public spaces which I will write more extensively about in another post