Kite Party’s “COME ON WANDERING” is finally out!

By: Kyle Pulley | Published on: May 15, 2014

Joe and I are so stoked that this is finally out, not just because these guys are good friends of ours, not just because the record rules, and not just because it took a long time to produce, but its the first c0-PRODUCTION that Joe and I have  worked on collaboratively from beginning to end (where one of us weren’t in the band that was being produced). It’s also an amazing experience to work on a follow up album (their first record “BASEBALL SEASON” they did with me 3 years ago), because we were able to take our experience the first time around and try to do all the things we weren’t able to do then, and re-use any of the strategies or sounds that worked the first time around. It was a blast to make! Thanks to Animal Style and Eric Osman for believing in these guys as well and supporting them. Check out their new release HERE