About Headroom

The Headroom is a recording studio that began in a warehouse occupied by a  musician/artist collective in North Philadelphia. The modest studio space was  outgrown after 6 years and relocated into a much larger  location with control room, live room, and iso booth. With a space that feels like a creative home away from home, Producers Joe Reinhart and Kyle Pulley walk the line between shimmery studio production and honest record making. Sound right? Contact us.

Joe & Kyle


Joe Reinhart

My name is Joe Reinhart. I like to produce, write, and play music.


Kyle Pulley

All through his early high school and college years, Kyle always knew that he wanted to be involved in music, and after many false starts working at venues, and post production houses, he realized that no matter what he was involved with, he always found himself back in the university's recording studio. Upon this realization he began to record bands wherever he could after college; in houses, basements, and apartments on his laptop with a couple mics. It was also during this time he began to work for Bill Moriarty at American Diamond Studios and had the privelage of assisting on Dr. Dog’s “Fate”. Soon after that, he moved into Big Mama’s Warehouse and began The Headroom along with Joe Reinhart. After years of working on projects at the Headroom including his own band, Dangerous Ponies, Kyle spent a summer apprenticing with producer Kyle "Slick" Johnson in order to further his music production education. A few years, and many records later, Kyle and Joe moved The Headroom to a studio space to co-occupy it with another production company, The Eastroom, in an old factory building in the Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia. Kyle now plays in a new band called Thin Lips.

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