Joe's Discography

Towers “Early  Demonstrations” Shock Value Records – Engineer/Mixer

US Funk Team “Split 7” w/ towers Towering Sound Records- Engineer/Mixer/Mastering

The Bee Team “Hot Times USA” Our Neighborhood Records-Engineer/Mixer/Producer

High Tide Hotel “split 7” w/ By Surprise Runner UP Records-Engineer/Mixer

High Tide Hotel “Nothing Was Missing, Except Me” Runner Up Records-Engineer/co-Mixer

Dangerous Ponies “Tenderheart  EP ” Sprinkle Kingdom- Engineer/co-Mixer/Producer

Ma Jolie “…Compared to Giants” Self Released Engineer/ Mixer

Algernon Cadwallader “Demo 7” Be Happy Records-Engineer/Mixer/Mastering/Mastering/Producer

Algernon Cadwallader “Some Kind of Cadwallader” Hot Green Records-Engineer/Mixer/Mastering/Producer

Algernon Cadwallader “Fun EP” Hot Green Records-Engineer/Mixer/Producer

Algernon Cadwallader “Parrot Flies” Hot Green Records-Engineer/Mixer/.Producer

Monument “Goes Canoeing” Tiny Engines-Engineer/Mixer

The Chelsea Kills “Pulp Culture” Self Released Engineer/Mixer

Restorations “Of Trees/ Frankford 7” Evil Weevil Records-Engineer/Mixer/Producer

Restorations “Strange Behavior EP” Paper + Plastic-Engineer

Restorations “Rosetta Split 12 Single” Cavity Records-Engineer/Mixer

Restorations “Restorations LP” Tiny Engines- Engineer

El Alamein “New Patterns” Self Released- Mixer

Snowing “i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted” Square of Opposition/ Count Your Lucky Stars- Engineer/Mixer

Snowing “ Summer Singles Split 7”” Slow Growth Records Engineer/Mixer

Snowing “Pump Fake/Scherbatsky 7” Square of Opposition Engineer/Mixer

Boyfriends “EP 7” Slow Growth Records Engineer/ Mixer

Boyfriends/ Boys and Sex ”Split 7” Slow Growth Records Engineer/Mixer

1994! “Most Deaf” Kiss of Death Records Engineer/Mixer

1994! “Summer Singles” Slow Growth Records Engineer/Mixer

Loud? “Made You” EP Self Released Engineer/ Mixer

Loud? “Loud” Self Released co-Engineer/ Mixer

Conversations with Enemies “Nowhere, Ok” Self Released Engineer/Mixer/Producer

Conversations With Enemies “The Good Times” Self Released Engineer/Mixer

Elegant Animals, “Spectrum Nocturnal” EP Self Release Engineer/Mixer

Peter & Craig “Spring 7” Marika Records Engineer/Mixer

Peter & Craig “Summer 7” Marika Records ENgineer

Peter & Craig “Letters in Binary Split 7” We Are Not Wizards Records Engineer

Peter & Craig “Bezout’s Identity split 7” Metaphysics/ Marika Records Engineer

Coral Teeth “Coral Teeth EP” Self Released Producer/Engineer/Mixer

The Chairman Dances “Sings Long Lost And A History Of Iniquity” CD Self Released Engineer/Mixer

The Chairman Dances “A Promise” CD Self Released Co-Engineer/Mixer

Hop Along “Get Disowned” Saddle Creek Records Engineer/Mixer/Producer

Hop Along “Painted Shut” Saddle Creek Records Assistant Engineer

Ape Up! “Kemosabe” LP Count Your Lucky Stars Engineer/Mixer

Summit “Small Talk” EP Self Released Engineer/Mixer

Dogs on Acid “Dogs On Acid EP” Ranch Records Engineer/Mixer

Dogs on Acid “Dogs On Acid LP” Jade Tree Records Engineer/Mixer

Oface “Mint” LP Father/Daughter Records Engineer/Mixer

Joyce Manor “Never Hungover Again” LP Epitaph Records Producer/Engineer

Hurry “Everything/Nothing” LP Hot Green Records Engineer/Mixer

Baltimore Cults “Parts Unknown” EP too far gone records Engineer/Mixer

I Love Your Lifestyle “I Love Your Lifestyle EP” Through Love Records, Good Post Day Records, Zegema Beach Records, Unlock Yourself Records Mixer

The Ground Is Lava “Bottle Rockets” LP Self Released Mixer

Joint Chiefs of Math “Word Alive” EP Associated Sounds LTD Engineer/Mixer

Ma Jolie “Polars” LP Lame-O Records Engineer/Mixer

Dangerous Ponies “tenderheart” EP Sprinkle Kingdom Producer/Engineer/Mixer

edhochuli “edhochuli 2013” Engineer/Mixer

Lithuania “Hardcore Friends”Lame-o-records Engineer/Mixer

Alex G “Live at The Headroom” Domino Records Engineer/Mixer

Modern Baseball “Holy Ghost” Run for Cover Records Engineer/producer

Field Mouse “Episodic” Topshelf Records Engineer/producer/Mixer

Mikey Erg “Tenative Decisions” Don Giovanni Records Engineer

Dogs On Acid “Flushed” single Asian Man Records Engineer/ Mixer

Kyle's Discography

Pine Barons “The Acchin Book” – Grind Select Records -Producer/Engineer

Katie Ellen “Cowgirl Blues” – Lauren Records – Recording Engineer

Spill “Top Ten” – No Sleep Records – Producer/Engineer

Aunt Dracula “Bum Hands” – Self released – Recording/Mixing Engineer

Hop Along  “Painted Shut” Saddle Creek Records- Additional Engineer

Thin Lips “Divorce Year” Seagreen/Lame-O Records- Bass/Producer/Engineer

Kite Party  “Baseball Season”  Animal Style Records- Producer Engineer

Kite Party  “Come On Wandering”  Animal Style Records- Producer Engineer

Dogs on Acid “7 in” Asian Man Records – Engineer

Dogs on Acid “7 in” Ranch Records – Engineer

Spill “To be Released” EP Broken World Media – Mixing/Engineer

Lithuania “Hardcore Friends” Lame-O Records Co-Producer/Engineer

Roof Doctor “Mobile Freedom Home” Mutt Tapes Producer/Engineer

Combine “You’ll Be Dirt” LP Self Released – Mixing/Engineer

Pill Friends “Fade into Nothing” EP Self Released – Mixing/Engineer

Elegant Animals “Carnivora” LP – Mixing/Engineer

Mountain Animation “Tesseract Flapjack” and “Time Travel is Addictive” LP Mixing/Engineer

Anomie “Self-Titled” EP Father Daughter Records – Engineer

Dangerous Ponies  S/T LP, “Doctor Ponie Medicine Ponie” – Producer/Engineer

Dangerous Ponies  “Tenderheart” – Engineer

The Extraordinaires  “Postcard” – Engineer

Darlings “Perfect Trip” – Engineer

Tony Castles – S/T 7 in – Famous Class Records – Engineer

Regal Degal  “Speckled Egg” – Engineer

Post Post  “Residents” – Engineer

Power Animal – “Excorcism” from Excorcism – Human Kindness Overflowing Records- Mixing Engineer

Tough Knuckles “Vanna White” Famous Class Records- Engineer

Black Churches – “Hungry Mouths” – Engineer

Tamarin – “Shake the Ghost” – Mixing Engineer

Bandname  “Breakfast” Self-Aware Records – Engineer

Grandchildren  “Everlasting” Green Owl Records- Mixing Engineer

Dr. Dog “Fate” Park the Van – Mixing Assistant

Hoots and Hellmouth “The Holy Open Secret” Mad Dragon Records – Assistant Engineer